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HotAir Ensures Compliance with Extensive HSIA Standards
Florida company works with major hospitality brands
to define and roll out standards.

MELBOURNE BEACH, FL - January 12, 2005 -- HotAir Network Group is currently working with all major brands to ensure compliance with extensive HSIA standards. HotAir provides services to Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Best Western, Ramada Inn and Hampton properties, all of which are in the process of defining and rolling out standards for HSIA.

"We are eagerly anticipating the finalization of brand standards for HSIA. This is an opportunity for our customers to more easily make a comparison of vendors. We often bid the 'right' solution to a property, only to find that another vendor has proposed a non-commercial, substandard solution for less money," said Steve Gould, President of HotAir Network Group.

Gould estimates that his company lost bids to no less than 20 properties in the past four months because vendors are offering substandard systems that will not provide the coverage needed. Some services even introduce considerable computer security risks to hotel guests.

"These quick start companies create confusion for our customers. They promise solutions they can't deliver and ultimately they fail. The introduction of brand standards will have two major effects. First, they will ensure a more comfortable, less anxious experience for the guest, and second, they will help property management evaluate proposed solutions and make better decisions," continued Gould.

HotAir Network Group currently offers fully compliant solutions for Holiday Inn (InterContinental Hotels Group), Sheraton (Starwood), Hampton Inn (Hilton Hospitality, Inc.), and Best Western (Best Western International). Additionally, HotAir provided extensive input to Cendant Corporation on the specifications and rollout of HSIA to their compliment of brands.

About HotAir
HotAir has quickly gained recognition for providing a comprehensive business solution for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) to the hospitality industry. They optimize the solution by providing a turnkey, low-maintenance network that has a minimal impact on hotel staff while providing associated support on a 24/7 basis. HotAir offers a complete HSIA package tailored to each customer's operational requirements, brand standards and other unique considerations, specializing in integrated solutions allowing remote management and support for customers. HotAir is rapidly advancing the future of high-speed wireless technologies through innovative solutions based on firm industry knowledge and dedicated installations. More information regarding HotAir's products and services can be found at www.hotairnetwork.com or by calling 888-354-3020.

About InterContinental Hotels Group
InterContinental Hotels Group is a leading global hospitality group, with more than 3,500 hotels and 535,000 guest rooms across nearly 100 countries and territories. Every year, more than 120 million people stay with one of the company's lodging brands.

All brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be noted as such.

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