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Brevard's First Publicly Available Wireless Internet

MELBOURNE BEACH, FL - February 2003 -- HotAir Network Group Inc. has announced the availability of a public 802.11 wireless Internet in South Brevard. HotAir provides a complete solution of end-to-end equipment and services for creating and operating a wireless "hotspot." The number of wireless Internet hotspots is growing dramatically across the United States. The convenience associated with simply plugging in a wireless network adaptor and having immediate access to the entire Internet at broadband speed (10 times faster than standard dial-up speed is being realized everywhere from coffeehouses to hotels and conference centers.

HotAir is on plan to roll out service to the southeast United States by the end of this year. Currently operating in three locations, HotAir is utilizing South Brevard as the final step in validating the network infrastructure and build-out plans before proceeding to three major metropolitan areas by the end of the summer, with further expansion throughout 2004.

"We've been in the process of defining the right plan for wireless. There are many companies that are no longer viable because they didn't understand what makes a wireless business work," says Steve Gould, President of HotAir Network Group. "Our belief is that hot spot owners can increase revenues by adding value to their existing core products and services. Wireless Internet provides a value-added service that will draw more customers to their places of business."

As an example, less than 1% of hotel guest are willing to pay for high-speed Internet, which equates to less than $5 a day in hotel revenue. However, free high-speed wireless access can increase occupancy by 2 to 4%, increasing room revenue by more than $400 per day.

HotAir Network Group offers a complete end-to-end solution. The ultimate goal is to make the Internet as available and easy to use as a cell phone. "Our offering allows any business, from professional centers and hotels to marinas and sports stadiums, to increase the value of the their services by providing their customers with access to a highly effective and convenient Internet connection," adds John Hogan, CTO of HotAir Network Group.

About HotAir
HotAir has quickly gained recognition for providing a comprehensive business solution for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) for the hospitality industry. HotAir optimizes the solution by providing a turnkey, low maintenance network that has a minimal impact on hotel staff while providing associated support on a 24/7 basis. HotAir offers a complete HSIA package tailored to each customer's operational requirements, brand standards and other unique considerations. HotAir is rapidly advancing the future of high-speed wireless technologies through innovative solutions based on firm industry knowledge and dedicated installations. HotAir specializes in integrated solutions allowing remote management and support for its customers. More information regarding HotAir's products and services can be found at www.hotairnetwork.com or by calling 888-354-3020.

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