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Charlie and Jake's Serves Up High-Speed Wireless Internet Access
Brewery Serves as first South Brevard location launched by HotAir.

MELBOURNE, FL - April 30, 2003 -- Charlie & Jake's Brewery, a popular Suntree-based brewery and restaurant, is preparing to serve its customers a lot more than beer and barbecue. Charlie & Jake's is launching HotAir Wireless Internet Service for its clientele. Starting this week, Charlie & Jake's customers will be able to enjoy their beer while surfing the internet, checking email or working on projects through their company's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Charlie & Jake's has partnered with HotAir, Brevard County's premier provider of wireless hot spots, to offer high-speed wireless access to its Internet-thirsty customers. HotAir utilizes 802.11b technology backed by high-speed broadband Internet access to connect customers to the Internet. Customers use Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and other mobile devices to connect to the Internet anywhere within the coverage area of the access point.

"Charlie & Jake's is an ideal place to launch high-speed wireless Internet," said Steve Gould, HotAir CEO. "Their customers are very Internet-savvy and a large percentage already bring their laptops to Charlie & Jake's to catch up on their computer work over lunch." The fee for using HotAir at Charlie & Jake's varies between different plans. Customers can choose hourly, pay-as-you-go or monthly service with unlimited national usage. However, for the next several months, the service will be available free of charge.

"We are thrilled to offer our valued customers wireless Internet access," said Steve McGann, Charlie & Jake's co-owner. "We host training seminars and business meetings in our banquet facilities and are often asked if we can provide Internet access. Additionally, the Internet is a critical tool for many of our customers who work from the road, so wireless Internet service is going to be a real advantage for our Charlie & Jake's customers."

The Wi-Fi market is rapidly expanding and becoming mainstream. According to independent research and analysis group Gartner Inc., consumers and businesses are expected to spend $1.7 billion on Wi-Fi equipment this year. By 2006, there are expected to be 89,000 public Wi-Fi network access points and more than 99 million Wi-Fi users worldwide. According to "The Wireless LAN Report" by U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Equity Research, "We believe the industry is currently reaching a major inflection point for widespread adoption, which leads us to leave this overall message to service providers and major communications OEMs - 802.11b is a disruptive technology. Get on the train, or get hit by the train."

Coffee shops, hotels and restaurants that offer HotAir Wireless Internet Service are identified by the orange and red HotAir window sign located near entrances. For a complete list of HotAir locations, visit the HotAir web site at www.hotairnetwork.com. Check out HotAir's wireless offering at Charlie & Jake's, and look for several South Brevard hotels, restaurants and coffee shops to soon offer HotAir technology.

About HotAir
HotAir has quickly gained recognition for providing a comprehensive business solution for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) for the hospitality industry. HotAir optimizes the solution by providing a turnkey, low maintenance network that has a minimal impact on hotel staff while providing associated support on a 24/7 basis. HotAir offers a complete HSIA package tailored to each customer's operational requirements, brand standards and other unique considerations. HotAir is rapidly advancing the future of high-speed wireless technologies through innovative solutions based on firm industry knowledge and dedicated installations. HotAir specializes in integrated solutions allowing remote management and support for its customers. More information regarding HotAir's products and services can be found at www.hotairnetwork.com or by calling 888-354-3020.

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