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HotAir Gains Momentum Providing Wireless Internet Access
at Ramada Inn Properties

Early participation setting brand standards leads
to emerging role as preferred vendor.

MELBOURNE BEACH, FL - July 2005 - HotAir Network Group is pleased to announce that they have recently completed the installation of their Guest Internet Access Solution at four Ramada Inn properties. HotAir continues to gain momentum based on their award-winning service and support.

HotAir Network Group has a history with the development of Cendant Corporation's High-Speed Internet Access initiative. The management team at Cendant Hotels Division contacted HotAir while in Orlando, Florida in August of 2003. HotAir executives then visited Parsippany, New Jersey in October of 2003 to discuss the options and issues associated with setting high-speed Internet access standards. Ongoing discussions between the two executive teams led to what became the foundation of the Cendant Ramada Inn Brand Standard for Guest Internet Services.

"Cendant, who has a strong market position with the Ramada brand, was in the earliest stages of exploring Guest Internet Services. We found ourselves in the unique position of having insight into the standard and its underlying philosophy, although we couldn't obtain a strategic relationship as a consultant or provider. Several years later, our participation early in the process has helped HotAir become the preferred provider at many Ramada properties," said Steve Gould, President of HotAir Network Group.

"With more than ten contracts on the table, we continue to see opportunity with the Ramada brand. Too many of their hotels originally selected providers who could not meet the brand standard. HotAir's in-depth understanding allows us to help struggling hotels embrace the standard and gain compliance in a very short period of time," explained John Hogan, CTO of HotAir Network Group.

About HotAir
HotAir has quickly gained recognition for providing a comprehensive business solution for high-speed Internet access (HSIA) for the hospitality industry. HotAir optimizes the solution by providing a turnkey, low maintenance network that has a minimal impact on hotel staff while providing associated support on a 24/7 basis. HotAir offers a complete HSIA package tailored to each customer's operational requirements, brand standards and other unique considerations. HotAir is rapidly advancing the future of high-speed wireless technologies through innovative solutions based on firm industry knowledge and dedicated installations. HotAir specializes in integrated solutions allowing remote management and support for its customers. More information regarding HotAir's products and services can be found at www.hotairnetwork.com or by calling 888-354-3020.

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