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“Guests are making high-speed Internet access a deciding factor when choosing a hotel, says Paul Payette, senior director of new business development for Choice. 'The market's going to dictate what you need to do to be competitive,' he says. Wireless has become so mainstream that it made sense for Choice to go the wireless route over a wired LAN, Payette says.”                                   Information Week February 9, 2004

Why Internet Access?
As hotel operators know, the business traveler sets the pace for “must have” features across the industry. More and more hotel groups are meeting their guests demands for high speed Internet access by setting standards and expectations across their brand. Most newer laptops today are Ethernet and WiFi (wireless networking) ready and business travelers expect to be able to access the services they need quickly and easily.

Why Standards?
There are many solutions for providing high speed Internet access and meeting each hotel group's brand standard for services. Each vendor and implementation can create a different guest experience. So, while a standard has great value for the property and the guest, utilizing a vendor that does not understand the standard for that brand can be very costly. In addition, many hotel groups are now imposing significant penalties on properties that don't fully comply with group standards.

Why HotAir?
HotAir provides a “turnkey” implementation for each brand based on a comprehensive understanding of the business objectives for a common guest experience and brand standards. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing indirect site support and maintenance. HotAir installs, operates and maintains the implementation to meet required standards and assists the property with every step of certification and inspection.

HotAir is a provider of certified systems/brand standards for:
  • InterContinental Hotel Group (Holiday Inn)
  • Starwood (Sheraton)
  • Hilton Hospitality, Inc. (Hampton Inn)
  • Best Western International (Best Western)
  • Choice Hotels International (Comfort Inn, Quality)
  • Kitchin Hospitality, LLC (Jameson Inn, Signature Inn)
Please contact us about our latest brand certifications and how we can help you provide Internet services in your locations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Standards are supposed to help, but they can create confusion.
  • With the complex standards imposed by our brand how do we evaluate and select a vendor? This is impossible...

  • HotAir is the leading provider of brand certified solutions for several major hotel groups. HotAir takes the guesswork out of satisfying standards and determining what optional enhancements might be important in your competitive environment.
  • Should our property offer wireless or wired access or both?

  • HotAir can evaluate your property, your guests, your corporate clients and your brand standard. We will present you with alternatives and help you determine the trade offs between cost, facility impacts and the ultimate guest experience. HotAir will also assist the property to assess marketing objectives and the impact of high speed Internet access on business clients.
  • Is that a “requirement” or a “recommendation?”

  • HotAir has been working with brand standards for Internet access to understand objectives and needs. We have participated in several certifications and can select a system that will outperform the recommendations and satisfy all functional requirements
  • Why HotAir, a regional provider, and not a national provider?

  • Many of our customers receive boiler plate contracts from national providers. Some have received an unsolicited fax proposal over 18 pages long without a site survey or a telephone interview and without understanding the needs of the property. HotAir provides a comprehensive survey to fully understand the requirements of the property, the ownership, and the management team. Our proposals are tailored to the needs of each site.
  • Who does the work?

  • In most cases, national providers outsource installations to local installers. These installers are usually trained for telephone or cable TV solutions. While they are highly qualified in their area of expertise, they are not trained in high speed Internet access, unlike HotAir. Our HotAir teams are trained for effective, efficient, and professional installations. HotAir oversees every step of the installation and works with the property to ensure the right solution is provided.
  • How do we make a simple and low-risk decision so we can move on to our next priority?

  • Let HotAir provide your guests with Internet access:
    • HotAir will ensure reliability and ease of use.
    • HotAir will provide a consistent user experience across the brand standard and all sites to raise satisfaction and lower support issues.
    • HotAir will be the professional solution, based on enterprise grade equipment.
    • HotAir will provide a cost effective solution and the right answer for your property.
    • HotAir will provide professional guest services and enhance the perception of your property!
  • What is our next step?

  • Contact HotAir today at 888-354-3020 or email us at brands@hotairnetwork.com and we will provide you with all the information you need.


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