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Owners of commercial properties such as business centers and office parks report higher revenues by offering high-speed Internet access to their tenants and clientele. From installation to customer support, HotAir provides a comprehensive solution, making high-speed Internet access a viable business opportunity for any location looking to increase revenue by providing value-added services for their customers.

The HotAir solution is a perfect fit for tenant-occupied properties. By offering shared high-speed Internet access at a reduced cost, tenants save money, have immediate access to services without having to wait for installation, and benefit from world-class technical support on a 24x7 basis. These services increase the value of your property instantly, providing consistent, long-term profitability.

HotAir is rapidly advancing the future of high-speed wireless technologies through innovative solutions based on firm industry knowledge and dedicated installations. Wi-Fi is the current industry standard for wireless LANs (Local Area Networks). It is based on the 802.11b platform, which is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world today. 802.11b networks are proliferating so successfully because the technology offers business owners and end users what they want at a reasonably low price. The system yo
u need for full-property coverage must be a proven, industrial-grade solution that is robust and reliable. And thatís what HotAir delivers.

Industrial-grade equipment is certainly one of the most important aspects of your wireless system, but the key services HotAir provides that will transform your business from ad hoc to professional and make your business even more valuable are 24x7 technical support and a solid marketing plan.

HotAir offers a complete HSIA package tailored to each customer's operational requirements, specializing in integrated solutions allowing remote management and support for customers. Once installed, you wonít require any in-house expertise. HotAir will maintain your equipment to ensure consistent and reliable operation. And you wonít have to worry about answering questions from your guests. Your guests will be able to contact HotAir Customer Support 24/7.

At HotAir, we help ensure your success in leveraging wireless access as a major selling point. We'll provide you with a comprehensive marketing resource package that includes everything from counter displays to brochures to web content. Not only do we provide these powerful tools, we'll show you how to use them effectively.

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