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You have a choice. Continue with your existing wireless Internet provider, or trade up to the latest technology designed to meet the standards for your hotel environment.

If any of the following statements are true, you need to read this email:

  • I am losing business to my competition because of my HSIA situation.
  • I am concerned about brand standards and compliance.
  • My guests are not satisfied with the current solution or the technical support they receive.
  • My current provider is pressuring me to buy old equipment and rewrite my contract.

HotAir understands your concerns and can be a valuable partner in moving you to a better, more reliable solution. Please read on…

HotAir Network specializes in bringing affordable high-speed wired and wireless Internet access to hotels and resorts. We understand the specific needs of the hospitality market. Our solutions are designed specifically for the hotel environment.

HotAir provides you with the newest state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our enterprise-grade equipment and high-gain antennas provide the highest quality connections and coverage for your guests - no more weak signals or dead spots. Extended warranty? You got it.

What you want is what’s important to us. After completing a detailed site survey, we will tailor a solution that works for your property and exceeds the standard requirements for your hotel brand.

More and more hotel groups are meeting their guests’ demands for high speed Internet access by setting standards and expectations across their brand. In addition, many hotel groups are imposing significant penalties on properties that don't fully comply with group standards. From working with Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hampton Inn, Jameson Inn and Radisson, we understand brand standards and their value for hotel properties and guests.

Unlike most wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) service providers, HotAir offers a complete wireless solution, incorporating the most reliable equipment, network integration, monitoring the Internet back haul service, 24x7 technical service and exceptional guest support.

HotAir provides a turnkey implementation for each brand based upon a comprehensive understanding of the business objectives for a common guest experience and brand standards. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing indirect site support and maintenance. HotAir installs, operates and maintains the implementation to meet required standards and assists the property with every step of certification and inspection.

Properties currently using HotAir include Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hampton Inn, Jameson Inn, Signature Inn, Radisson, Best Western, Ramada and Renaissance.

Two Hawthorn properties in Orlando, Florida recently selected HotAir to replace their existing provider, StayOnline®.

If you are an existing StayOnline® or other Wi-Fi provider customer, moving quickly to a HotAir solution minimizes any potential downtime. Your guests and staff will not be impacted by switching to HotAir.

Internet access is a major differentiator for business hotels. Your guests demand a quick and easy connection and reliable service. If there’s a problem, they expect an immediate resolution. Once HotAir is live in your hotel, a quick call to our Technical Support hotline at 888-354-3020 takes care of any issues that may arise. Our technical support is unparalleled – just ask our existing customers.

HotAir understands your needs and will develop a solution to not only satisfy all of the functional requirements for your brand, but outperform the standard. Our Rapid Deployment Plan for Hawthorn properties can have your hotel up and operational in less than 30 days.

The only heat you should be feeling is the warmth of HotAir. Please contact us today for more information.

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