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Steve Gould
President, HotAir Network Group
Before co-founding HotAir Network Group, Steve Gould spent 17 years in the defense industry with Harris Corporation. At Harris, Steve led several programs and advanced research projects. He served as Program Manager and Chief Engineer on classified programs. While at Harris, he was the Product Manager for Security Test and Analysis Tool (STAT™), the first commercially successful software products from the defense contracting organization. Steve created the business model which included a comprehensive distribution channel through resellers and distributors, a complete marketing program, and a technical support and fulfillment center.

Steve has started three individual companies and each has experienced increasing success.

While at Harris Corporation, Steve first created Home Care Professionals, Inc. Home Care Professionals was a durable medical equipment company providing high-maintenance equipment to patients for home use. Steve began Home Care with one employee and sold the company three years later with 20 employees and 200+ patients.

Steve left Harris Corporation to assume the role of Vice President of Product Management for E-Security, Inc. E-Security provides a comprehensive intrusion detection software environment capable of monitoring global systems for network-based computer attacks. Steve advanced the Product Management organization into a comprehensive internal sales training and education program and headed a re-architecture of the entire product offering.

Through opportunities created by E-Security growth, Steve founded System Integrity, LLC, now Security Innovations, Inc, which commercialized unique security and test software developed at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. Steve served as President and Managing Partner for the startup. He developed the business plan that maximized state-of-the-art security technologies into a three-pronged business offering of services, software products and government contracts. While serving as President, Steve raised investment capital, crafted software and intellectual licensing agreements with FIT, and developed the "go to market" strategy for the entire product offering. Steve eventually turned System Integrity over to a management team led by the primary investor.

Steve then co-founded HotAir Network Group and serves as the President of the company. HotAir is uniquely positioned to utilize the 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies as an ongoing operation. HotAir continues to experience an accelerating growth trend as it achieves higher levels of market penetration. Steve has led the evolution of the business model as it has developed to meet market demands. The HotAir business plan has proven to be a living document that expands on a planned schedule to address emerging market opportunities.

John Hogan
CTO, HotAir Network Group
John Hogan has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the communications field while working for HotAir, Tantivy, Globe Wireless and Harris Communications. He has extensive experience with communications systems spanning software, digital, RF, using HF, cellular and PCS frequency bands, and 802.11. As CTO for HotAir, his current responsibilities include managing all technology assessments, testing, and final selection of the 802.11 products and services. In addition, John supports HotAir's marketing and business development efforts with the major hospitality brands.

Prior to co-founding HotAir, John served as VP of Programs for Tantivy. His responsibilities included managing all domestic and international field trials of portable wireless broadband technology, including integration of the technology into existing cellular networks. As Vice President of Engineering for Globe Wireless, he led the design, development and operation of all shipboard systems using HF communications technology. This included managing the company's software engineering, hardware engineering and product development organizations.







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