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HotAir has successfully installed systems for high-speed wireless Internet access in many restaurants and hotspots.

Charlie & Jake's Brewery in Melbourne, Florida installed the HotAir solution in 2003 and was HotAir's first hotspot. The patrons of Charlie & Jakes, a sports-oriented restaurant, can now enjoy watching sports on the many TVs while surfing the web to stay on top of the sporting news. Patrons frequent NFL.com, NBA.com, popular fantasy football sites and other official league sites to keep up with the latest scores and news while watching their favorite games with friends.

"We are thrilled to offer our valued customers wireless Internet access," said Steve McGann, Charlie & Jake's co-owner. "We host training seminars and business meetings in our banquet facilities and are often asked if we can provide Internet access. Additionally, the Internet is a critical tool for many of our customers who work from the road, so wireless Internet service is going to be a real advantage for our Charlie & Jake's customers."

Read more about the HotAir solution at Charlie & Jake's here.

Durango Steakhouse in Melbourne, Florida added HotAir wireless Internet access to their menu in 2003. HotAir expects to sign an agreement with Durango Steakhouse to extend coverage franchise-wide to all 16 of their restaurants.

Durango Steakhouse, a leading family restaurant, was looking for ways to increase business during the typically slow times between 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon on weekdays. By offering HSIA, local business professionals can meet at the restaurant for a late lunch to hold staff meetings and collaborate on projects with full access to the Internet, email, instant messaging, etc. Durango markets the service to local businesses that need space for office meetings and require online access to web-based training or presentations.

"This is a bonus for our guests; most restaurants currently don't have this service," said managing partner Dave Poore. "The restaurant business is very competitive. Any service that will benefit our guests we are interested in looking at and implementing it if it really adds value, and this does. So we made the investment."

Find out what else Durango Steakhouse had to say about providing this value-added service for their patrons here.

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