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New services emerging for HotAir include individual and corporate subscriber accounts. HotAir will soon be offering the ability for subscribers to have system access to all of our services. Customers can choose hourly, pay-as-you-go or monthly service with unlimited national usage.

HotAir subscribers can easily:

  • Access the Internet
  • Share files
  • Send and receive email
  • Access common email services
  • Take advantage of nationwide roaming
  • Log in to a corporate VPN
  • Provide instant feedback to management
  • Update or check the latest customer research
  • React to last-minute schedule changes

The wireless advantage is clear: more productive time. Avoid the loss of productivity on travel days, the hours of waiting for dial-up downloads in hotels or the loss of momentum when stopping for dinner.

HotAir service is the mark of a productive professional. Efficiently utilize the power of the Internet without being held captive by slowdowns, lost connections, or being "wired" to a hotel room desk or the phone jack of a conference room wall.

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